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There will be no more night (2020)
Night Replay (2012)
Les hommes sans gravité (short, 2007)
Temps morts (short, 2005)


Éléonore Weber is an author, and theatre film director. Her approach until now explores both the theatre and cinema languages. Regarding cinema, she directed a short and a medium lenght fiction film, “Temps mort” and “Les hommes sans gravité”. She has also directed a documentary, “Night Replay” (Arte – La Lucarne), shot in Mexico and reliesing on reenactments from a role-play invented by migrants. Regarding theatre, she has created some plays and performances whit Patricia Allio, centred on a manifest entitled “Symptôme et proposition”. Together or separately, the two artists presented their creations at the Festival d’Avignon, the Bastille Theatre, the Grande Halle de la Billette, or the Centre Georges Pompidou for the festival d’Automne.

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