ASISTIRÁ A MAJORDOCS desde7/09/2021a

A way home / Dans la maison (2020)

Aïcha (short, 2016)

As an editor:

Cheveux rouges et café noir (2012)
Les damnés de la mer (2008)
El Ejido, la loi du profit (2007)
Une femme taxi à Sidi Bel-Abbès (2000)
La nuit, tous les chats sont gris (short, 1999)


Karima Saïdi lives in Belgium, where she was born into a family of Moroccan origin. She holds a degree from INSAS in film editing and script continuity as well as a Master’s degree in screenwriting and analysis from ULB. She has worked as an editor for Belgian television (RTBF) since 1997 while also developing a career as a documentary editor and a continuity supervisor for feature films. In 2013, she created “Murmurs et 10 voix”, a series of sound portraits of Moroccan immigrants in Brussels. In 2016, she directed a short documentary, “Aïcha”, an evocation of her mother’s death, a prelude to “A Way Home”, her first feature-length documentary. She is a lecturer in the film departments of INSAS in Brussels and ESAV in Marrakech.

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