ASISTIRÁ A MAJORDOCS desde5/10/2021a

Until a month ago, I worked in Diario de Mallorca as an editor in the Palma section. I was fired after 28 years at the company: “Economic causes,” they said. Degree in Contemporary History from the University of Barcelona. Doctorate in Anthropology but I have not presented the thesis. Also at the University of Barcelona. Author of the book on immigration ‘Yo soy’, with the collaboration of photographer Carlos Barrantes. Edited by Lunwerg. Author of the book on the twenty years of Medical Smile (hospital clowns). In 2005 he founded the publishing house Casa Abierta. He was active for ten years. I started in the world of communication in the newspaper Ultima Hora in Palma as a photographer. I have done film workshops with Daniel Guzmán, Nicholas Philibert and Daniel Blaufuks. I speak Spanish, Catalan, medium level English, a little Italian.

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