Campaña Ramia
ASISTIRÁ A MAJORDOCS desde5/09/2021a

María Campaña Ramia is an associate programmer of the IDFA Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and a member of the programming team of the MajorDocs Mallorca International Documentary Film Festival. For ten years she was artistic director of the EDOC International Documentary Film Festival (Ecuador), with which she has collaborated regularly since 2004. She was a member of the programming team of the Ambulante Documentary Tour (Mexico) between 2016 and 2020. She was a fellow of the Flaherty Seminar. She co-edited the book “El Otro Cine – Eduardo Coutinho” (2012) and directed the short film “Derivadas” (2015). María has commissioned exhibitions in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and the United States. She writes about cinema in international publications and collaborates with funds and institutions in the evaluation of projects. Lives in Rio de Janeiro.

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