Coordinator / CEO & Co-founder
ASISTIRÁ A MAJORDOCS desde5/09/2020a

Dorothea and the Myotragus (2020)
Memories of Puerto Rico (2021)
La batlessa (2020)
Spies on the sand (2016)
El viatge definitiu (2016)
Agent Sicre. The american friend (2014)
Vacances a Txernòbil (2011)
The monsters in my home (2010)
Estat d’exili (2008)
Low carbon (2007)
Chemical Risk (2006)
Mallorca trotting (2004)


Marta Hierro has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 1996 she works as a television journalist, especially in informative and documentary fields. The desire to tell stories in depth leads her to the world of documentary, specializing in social, environmental, scientific and health issues.

She has been the director and screenwriter of the documentaries and documentary series “Dorothea and the Myotragus”, “El rei. Joan Carles I, mitja vida a Marivent”, “Retorn de Txernòbil”, “La batlessa”, “Spies in the sand. Objective Spain” (audience award at Reus International Film Festival “Memorimage”. Award afor best documentary film at SomCinema Festival of Lleida. Award for best documentary at Ciutadà Compromés Cinema Festival of València. Special Mention for best documentary of Historical Memory at the Extrema’Doc Festival), “Sicre Agent. The American friend”,“ El viatge definitiu”, “Vacances a Txernòbil ”,“ The monsters in my home ” (award for best Human Rights documentary at New York Independent Film and Video Festival. Award for best documentary feature film in Inquiet Festival), “Estat d’Exili”, “Baix en Carboni”, “Chemical risk” and “Mallorca trotting”. She’s now working in the documentaries “Memories of Puerto Rico” and “Maria and the forgotten movie”.

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