The fourth edition of MajorDocs will focus on home movies: its artistic reuse, autobiographical cinema, the resignification of memory, the search for identity through archive and the preservation and revaluation of family and amateur film heritage.


Observing everyday life

Since its first edition, home cinema has occupied a privileged place in the MajorDocs programme. The home movies and cassettes filmed by our grandparents, parents and children make up unrepeatable material of the intimate memory of the private. These films have often been recycled by filmmakers, giving new meaning to an apparently happy past and forming some of the most personal views of contemporary documentary.
In this edition, we claim the value of these films whose original gesture does not stem from artistic ambition, but from the human and anonymous desire to construct a memory of individuals, families and territories. Filmmakers and professionals will share their experiences in this cinema from an ethical, critical and practical perspective in some of the sessions where the philosophy and wounds of creation will continue to take part of the morning programme.
Miguel Eek
MajorDocs Artistic Director
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07.10.22 | 10:00

The filmmaker explains the search of aesthetic freedom and personal writing in the trilogy about his memory through the digitised images of his own video tapes.

07.10.22 | 12:00
Pablo Gómez Sala and Clara Sánchez-Dehesa

Home film footage has a creative value in the re-signification of the past. What is the role of film libraries and archives? What are the opportunities for this cinema of memory? 

08.10.22 | 10:00

The talk will address the crucial ethical and aesthetic questions raised by the reuse of domestic films in new artistic works.


05.10.22 | 18:30

Over a period of 35 years, Lynne Sachs shot 8 and 16mm film, videotape and digital images of her father, Ira Sachs Sr., a bon vivant and pioneering businessman.

06.10 – 17:30 | 07.10 – 19:30

A film about preservation work of two universes, the botanical and film: the delicacy of their manual art, the resistance of their method against the passage of time, the power of the image over the power of oblivion. 

07.10 – 17:30 | 08.10 – 19:30

Marko Grba’s family VHS archive shows his universe during 1998 and 1999: gatherings, pets, videogames, and moments of uncertainty reveal a common life embraced by the Balkan Wars.

08.10 – 17:30 | 08.10 – 19:30

Perhaps a thriller, perhaps an ironic evocation of a strange summer. An unclassifiable film, a proposal that dynamites the conventional language of cinema to enter unknown territories.

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