Industry activities


The garden of the Centre Cultural Sa Nostra will host the professional activities of MajorDocs. Every day, at 10 am, there will be a masterclass on one aspect of documentary creation (production, direction, scriptwriting, distribution), given by a renowned international professional.


After the masterclasses, the garden of the cultural center Sa Nostra will be the stage on which filmmakers, professionals and the public will be able to dialogue and share experiences and reflections on documentary filmmaking. These sessions will be defined by a distant and intimate space, gathered in a green space, in a clear and calm atmosphere, which will invite the participants to a creative exchange. The activity that will make MajorDocs a true slow festival.


Members of the industry will have the opportunity to gather together other festival’s partners, including filmmakers, producers, scriptwriters and distributors, through a one-to-one meeting to amplify the professional exchange and the possibilities of production and distribution of the Balearic Islands’ creators to the outside world.

Through our web site, we have set up a platform for all the MajorDocs accreditations, offering the possibility to meet the rest of the participants, to meet their professional profiles, and projects in which they are in contact with each other and with each other.

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