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MajorDocs Educa is a participatory space for reflection and debate on documentary cinema aimed at the educational community.

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During the festival, morning screenings will be offered for secondary schools and universities followed by a Q&A with the films’ directors. The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate a critical eye on cinéma vérité and to provoke an empathetic experience towards some of the key themes of our society, as well as enable the student to discover the authors’ creative process.

Documentaries offer great pedagogical possibilities to explore, through emotions, human, artistic, historical, social, ethical, scientific or current affairs. The films included in the MajorDocs programme will deal with this and much more.

In order to broaden the students’ experience, enrolled teachers will be provided with free didactic materials devised by experts in the use of cinema as a pedagogical tool.

Schools will receive special discounts and will be able to enjoy city transport agreements in order to get to the cinema.

MajorDocs Educa is created in partnership with Cinema en Curs program and supported by Balearic Government’s Council for Education and the University of the Balearic Islands.


EDUCA program consists of two types of activities: training for teachers and use of teaching materials for students. They are conceived as a unitary yet complementary project.

The conception of both actions will be coherent and will allow those teachers attending the seminar to recognize in the materials the proposals developed for training while finding new ideas.

The main objective of the proposal is to offer ideas, proposals and methodologies to the teaching staff in order to promote the active discovery by students of cinema as art, culture, creation and a space for reflection and dialogue.

The training is eminently practical and completely free, designed to be applicable to work with students over 13 years old who attend the screenings.

The training and the pedagogical materials are developed from methodologies and proposals of ‘Cinema en curs’, a pedagogic program about cinema for schools and high schools that is conducted by teachers and filmmakers. Currently, the 15th edition of the program is being developed in Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, Euskadi and Germany.


The teaching materials will be given for free to the teachers who attend the educational screenings that will take place every morning of the festival. They will consist of two pages for each film and will contain:

  • Film visual synopsis.
  • Documentation about the film.
  • Documentation about the filmmaker.
  • Considerations on the issues of the films’ backgrounds.
  • Proposals for writing and creation.
  • Recommendations based on the films (cinema, literature, music…).


For more information, please contact us at

If you are a teacher and you are interested in MajorDocs EDUCA program, sign up here and we will keep up updated on the activities program and dates:

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