MajorDocs PRO

MajorDocs PRO is a space dedicated to creation and creators. Our iconic garden hosts masterclasses, round tables, presentations and meetings where authors and professionals are gathered to dialogue, reflect and exchange ideas and projects in a slow setting.


05.10.22 | 10:00 CEST

Using examples from the essay and experimental films she has produced over the last three decades, Sachs will guide us on a journey investigating the connection between the body, the camera, and the materiality of film itself.

06.10.22 | 10:00 CEST

The philosopher will reflect on the concept of poetics, not only linked to the arts but to everything that contributes to generating and creating justice, beauty and warmth.

07.10.22 | 10:00 CEST

The filmmaker explains the search of aesthetic freedom and personal writing in the trilogy about his memory through the digitised images of his own video tapes.

08.10.22 | 10:00 CEST

The talk will address the crucial ethical and aesthetic questions raised by the reuse of domestic films in new artistic works.


05.10.22 | 12:00 CEST

Is it the author who tells the film how to be told, or is it the subject of the film that speaks? A dialogue about how chaos provides light and how the filmmaker tames the material.

06.10.22 | 12:00 CEST

The importance of not escaping the pain of creation: assuming that the subject of what we film affects us.

07.10.22 | 12:00 CEST
Pablo Gómez Sala and Clara Sánchez-Dehesa

Home film footage has a creative value in the re-signification of the past. What is the role of film libraries and archives? What are the opportunities for this cinema of memory? 


06.10.22 | 14:00 CEST

PRO Lunch

We will once again organise a lunch for all the festival’s professionals that will help to deepen new relationships and solidify exchanges.

08.10.22 | 12:00 CEST

One-to-One Meetings

Industry professionals will have the opportunity to gather together other festival’s participants, including filmmakers, producers, programmers and distributors, through one-to-one meetings.

Discover the rest of the professionals attending this edition with whom you will be able to do some networking.

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