The Self in Documentary

October 7 |


Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra

The self has established itself as a major feature of the new documentary cinema. How does the auteur manifest itself in its interrelationship with reality in contemporary documentary filmmaking? The selected filmmakers will share their experiences according to the degree of intervention in their work. We will address the growing practice of the total creator, of the do it yourself as a paradigm of digitalization and an intimate relationship with the medium, as well as a form of autonomous production as opposed to the classic industrial models of production.

In collaboration with DOCMA, documentary film association.



09.10 - 12:00 | 09.10 - 19:30


09.10 - 10:00 | 09.10 - 17:00

The Earth is blue as an orange

08.10 - 19:30 | 09.10 - 17:00

Pedra pàtria

08.10 - 17:00 | 09.10 - 19:30
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