Port Desire

Juan Bugarín


05.10 - 19:30 | 06.10 - 17:15


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Year: 2022
Country: Argentina
Length: 74 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Director: Juan Bugarín
Screenplay: Lucía Martinez, Juan M. Bugarín
Production: Marcelo Scoccia
Associated Producer: Francisco Paparella
Editor: Lucía Feuillet, Joaquín Elizalde
Sound Design: Pablo Orzeszko
Mix: Tritón Sonido
Music: Carlos Quebrada


A veteran of Malvinas’ War repair a boat to return to the islands without a passport in order to plant Argentina’s flag forty years after. During the preparations for the sailing, family bonds emerge as well as memories from the past that allow a question to raise: How long does a war remains? How does this affect those around you?


Premiere in Spain. With the presence of the director.

Why must you see it?

Creating a fissure between what is said and what is not said, what is shown and what is not, Puerto deseado delves into the life of a Malvinas War veteran who prepares a sea voyage to the islands with the sole purpose of planting an Argentine flag. In dribs and drabs and with attention to every gesture, Juan Manuel Bugarín configures a scenario, an atmosphere and a three-dimensional dimension to understand the symbolic quest of the protagonist. The tension increases while waiting for a trip that may not happen, but that time is enough to create a moving portrait of an existence marked by the absurdity of war.

María Campaña

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Juan Bugarín

Juan Manuel Bugarín was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. In 2017 he held a workshop with Werner Herzog and filmed his short film “Magnetic Field” (BAFICI 20º and Biarritz 2018). In 2018 he co-directed the short film “Compañero/a” (awarded in Cortópolis 2018, Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Rosario 2018 and FAB 2019). He directed two documentaries: “Melo, Iberlucea, Lamadrid” (2017) and “Port Desire” premiered at IDFA International Competition 2022.

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