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Woman and the glacier

Year: 2016
Country: Lithuania, Estonia
Length: 57 min

Language: Lithuanian
Subtitles: Spanish, English

Direction: Audrius Stonys
Screenwriter: Audrius Stonys
Cinematography: Audrius Kemezys
Editing: Mirjam Jegorov
Music: Robert Jürjendal
Producer: Radvile Sumile
Coproducer: Riho Västrik
Production: Studio Uku
Distribution: Grasshopper Film


Kazakhstan. Tian Shan mountains. Tuiuksu glacier. Glaciological station in the height of 3500 m.
Here, for thirty years lives a woman. Totally alone and without any connection with the civilized world. She devoted all her life to science to keep her finger on the pulse of the planet.
A story of the fragile Woman and the eternal Glacier.

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Audrius Stonys


Film director and producer, professor in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, recipient of Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award and Member of European Documentary Network. Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1966. He studied in Vilnius State Conservatorium film directing (1984-1989) and in Jonas Mekas Film Anthology Archive New York (1989).

His films got numerous international film awards. Among them Audience award in Nyon, Grand Prix in Split, prizes in Bornholm, Florence, Gyor, Neu Brandenburg, Oberhausen, Bilbao and San Francisco. In 1992 Audrius Stonys documentary film “Earth of the Blind” was recognised by European Film Academy as the Best European Documentary Film of the Year and received Felix Award. He imparts lectures and master classes in many countries as well his films presentations.



09.10 - 12:00 | 09.10 - 19:30


09.10 - 10:00 | 09.10 - 17:00

The Earth is blue as an orange

08.10 - 19:30 | 09.10 - 17:00

Pedra pàtria

08.10 - 17:00 | 09.10 - 19:30
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