Writing in Uncertainty

October 8 |


Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra

But where the danger is, also grows the saving power.

This is a sentence by the poet Friedrich Hölderlin that would perfectly define contemporary filmmaking: films speaking about uncertain times, powerless characters, vanishing landscapes, mistrusting images, endless ways of detachment. Our films are indeed addressing a Solastalgic moment, marked by a strong common feeling: the loss of sense of belonging. They are witnessing the rupture between the self and the world. And as filmmakers, a question opens: Which would be the right images to show this rupture? Does a Solastalgic image exist? What would be it? And a Solastalgic voice?



09.10 - 12:00 | 09.10 - 19:30


09.10 - 10:00 | 09.10 - 17:00

The Earth is blue as an orange

08.10 - 19:30 | 09.10 - 17:00

Pedra pàtria

08.10 - 17:00 | 09.10 - 19:30
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