Slow in the world – Talking with Ramón Andrés

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October 5, 2023, 2023 / 10:00 – 11:30

Estudi General Lul·lià

Miguel Eek, filmmaker and artistic director of MajorDocs, will be talking with Ramón Andrés (Pamplona, 1955) about slowness as a weapon of creation. Andrés has written books covering a range of fields, like No sufrir compañía: Escritos místicos sobre el silencio (Not Suffering Company: Mystical Writings on Silence), Semper dolens: Historia del suicidio en Occidente (Semper dolens: A History of Suicide in the West) or Pensar y no caer (Think and Don’t Fall).

Slowness, respite, restoring reality to life, the importance of our hands, contemplating nature and our relationship with the other, are the ideas on the table for this dialogue. The lack of a slow perspective and loss of contemplation are confronted by a world seen as a blur, exiled from itself, worn down by an endless need to produce, and gripped by urgency and the senselessness of a predatory market. Politics today mistakes the common good with the creation of a society designed for radical consumption and deaf to the critical issues affecting the planet. We are in desperate need of a strategy of defence and contestation.

We will discuss deceleration as a life attitude, but also what it means for creators.

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