Intimacy and ethics in the documentary

Centre Cultural Sa Nostra

October 1 | 12:00


Centre Cultural Sa Nostra

October 1 | 12:00


Gaining access to a character’s privacy is a key objective for any filmmaker. Achieving it involves sacrifices, virtues and dangers that are not always easy to manage. We will address key elements in the relationship between author and subject, such as fascination, emotional distance, perspective and protection.

In addition to this access, we will raise the issue of fidelity to the history of a documentary film, as well as the balance, not always easy, between morality, ethics and aesthetics.

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José Luis Guerín

The Calculation and Disclosure

29.09 | 18.00

Jacques Bidou

The Creative Documentary Producer

30.09 | 10.00

Living from reality

30.09 | 12.00

Juan Palacios


30.09 | 17.00

Mira Burt-Wintonick


30.09 | 19.30

Isaki Lacuesta

In the Limits of Reality

01.10 | 10.00
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