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MajorDocs is the first international documentary film festival in Mallorca; a space to discover other realities and other perspectives through carefully selected creative documentaries.

In a time defined by the sheer excess of content, MajorDocs proposes a slow experience: a journey through eight films, each with a deep author’s gaze, that encourage us to stop, step away from our daily lives and connect with not just the other, but also with our own sensibility.

Five days to reflect, ask and discuss each film with its author in an intimate and close setting, without lecterns or pedestals. Each screening will be a unique event without counterprogramming since it is our goal to take care of each film and each author.

During the festival, renowned filmmakers and new talents will share their experiences with the public. An event that will stimulate the critical eye through screenings and talks, as well as workshops and discussions on documentary cinema.

An unmissable date for anyone who enjoys looking without limits, discovering the unknown and stirring their heart.


MajorDocs goes out and looks for a creative documentary…

  1. Hybrid, innovative, transgressive, adventurous.

  2. Able to transcend the present and keep questioning ourselves in the future.

  3. Useless – in which art prevails over functionality.

  4. That digs deeply into the ins and outs of a complex world without staying on the surface.

  5. That leaves a mark on the audience and is able to short-circuit the passive spectator.

  6. In which the author’s gaze prevails over the facts.

  7. Able to transcend, if the film demands for it, the limits of the classic narrative.


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Artistic director
Production manager
Financial and press manager
Operations and volunteer manager
Film traffic coordinator

Clara Buades

Graphic design


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Cultural manager, founder of DOCMA, director of 3XDOC


Producer and lecturer
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The 8 films selected in MajorDocs will compete in a single official international section. The documentaries in competition will be eligible for two awards:

Jury Prize. Granted by the three members of the Majordocs international jury.

Audience Award. Voted by the festival’s viewers.

Both include a cash prize of €1,500 that will be given at Majordocs closing ceremony.


The garden of the Centre Cultural Sa Nostra will host the professional activities of MajorDocs. Every day, at 10 am, there will be a masterclass on one aspect of documentary creation (production, direction, scriptwriting, distribution), given by a renowned international professional.


After the masterclasses, the garden of the cultural center Sa Nostra will be the stage on which filmmakers, professionals and the public will be able to dialogue and share experiences and reflections on documentary filmmaking. These sessions, moderated by the member of DocumentaMadrid selection committee Miquel Martí Freixas, will be defined by a distant and intimate space, gathered in a green space, in a clear and calm atmosphere, which will invite the participants to a creative exchange. The activity that will make MajorDocs a true slow festival.


Members of the industry will have the opportunity to meet other participants, including filmmakers, producers, scriptwriters and distributors, through a one-to-one meeting to amplify the professional exchange and the possibilities of production and distribution of the Balearic Islands’ creators to a national and international level.

Through our web site, we have set up a platform for all the MajorDocs accreditations, offering the possibility to meet the rest of the participants, get to know their professional profiles, projects they have developed and stay in touch with them.


The opening day, we will have the presence of José Luis Guerin, father of the creative documentary in Spain, who will offer a special talk.

More information on the program or by clicking on the image.


MajorDocs has two official venues:

All the films in the official selection will be screened here.

Where masterclasses and talks will take place.


For more ticketing information click here.